About DiArt ®


I have lived in Suffolk, England for nearly 19 years while raising my four children. Born in Australia, I am the middle of five children. My parents returned to the UK in 1971 marking the winding down of my father's international football career. After a moderate education to A'Level and stacking supermarket shelves at night I progressed to study at The Kent Institute of Art & Design in the UK while assisting in one of the UK's pioneering picture libraries. It was during these years that I gained a grounded understanding of visual and editorial aesthetics.

My work is intended to compliment large interior space, stimulate the abstract mind and be non-conventional. Subject matter is sourced and influenced from both my local and foreign travels. I look particularly for natural subjects that lean towards swirl, bubble and linear abstracts but I try not to rule out impulse and I am often surprised at what freedom that process allows without being pretentious about it.

After 12 years of adapting to the world of digital, exhibiting work in other mediums and continuing my learning curve I have created this website as a showpiece for my digital artworks which are intended as unique, one-off , breath-taking 60" x 40"  'Floating Acrylic' 10 mm Panels.

Each of these Digital Artworks are available without replicas or re-prints, personally signed by myself and authenticated with the DiArt ® logo on the back - Upon sale I will destroy the corresponding original digital-file from my archives and the only remaining reference image will be on this website showing as 'sold' (the buyers name can also be displayed if desired). Thus you can be assured of the unique, unrepeatable and collectible status of each Digital Artwork .

Whether as an Art Novice, Connoisseur or seasoned Collector You are currently able to select any of your preferred pieces exclusively available on this website to order/buy/own directly from within my online store. I can arrange to have the artwork shipped directly to you or otherwise as preferred

Unique and private commissions are welcomed.

DiArt ®