You are a step closer to ordering and purchasing a unique, limited edition (1/1), original, signed art-piece exclusively from DiArt ®

The 60" x 40" Acrylic Panels may vary slightly (but minimally) to preserve the original Artwork file dimension.

This Artwork is available to you without replicas or re-prints, personally signed by myself and authenticated with the DiArt ® logo on the back - Upon completed sale I confirm that I will destroy the corresponding original digital-file from my archives and the only remaining reference image will be on this website showing as 'sold' (the buyers name can also be displayed if desired). Thus you can be assured of the unique, unrepeatable and collectible status of each Digital Artwork .

14872 : DiArt ® Signed Limited Edition (1/1) 10mm Floating Acrylic Panel 60" x 40"


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