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Here you are invited to select, purchase and own unique, limited edition (1/1), signed, original art-pieces exclusively from DiArt®

First view the DiArt® Gallery note the unique reference of the art-piece you wish to purchase (hover mouse over image to see its unique ref).  Enter that reference into the search box below.

The 60" x 40" Acrylic Panels may vary slightly (but minimally) to preserve the original Artwork file dimension.

All images remain Copyright of Philip Holden / DiArt ® .

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The images on this site are lo-resolution and do not reflect the quality of original Artwork. Please contact Philip Holden / DiArt ®  if you wish to view a hi-res (watermarked) equivalent (ie at 100% to appreciate layering/texture/filtration) prior to placing your order. Please freely link to the website/gallery but do not cut and paste or screenshot as images are electronically audited and your IP address will be captured. Copyright infringements will be prosecuted.

Printed Products/Images remain the property of Philip Holden / DiArt ® until paid for in full. Flexible Terms of payment are available upon request and are subject to a deposit, proof of ID and a bank direct debit/standing order arrangement being agreed for the full amount prior to goods being released. Failure to complete purchase will render goods subject to repossession and/or legal action to recover all goods and/or costs

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